A Post CABG patient since 2009, 60-year old Biswajit Das had been asymptomatic for 10 years and has had class III angina since the last one year. A CAG test done outside showed native TV CAD with Occulted RSVG Graft but the patient was against re-doing CABG. Dr. Jayanta Pal and his team attempted to open up the RCA but unfortunately failed. Incidentally, a 90% stenosis of the left Subclavian Artery was detected. In between all this, the patient tested positive for COVID-19 and, because of complications had to wait two months before any procedure could be performed. This is a rare procedure and requires a lot of expertise, hence, detailed discussions were held with the patient and his relatives after which Dr. Pal and team decided to fix the Subclavian stenosis.