A 70- year-old lady was recently admitted to IQ City Medical College Hospital, Durgapur, complaining of progressive visual loss and headaches. Her condition was investigated and after diagnosis, the correct treatment was provided.

An MRI showed a tumour in the centre of her skull base. This tumour turned out to be a sellar suprasellar meningioma, which arises from the base of the skull near the pituitary gland and the optic nerve. Tumours in this area can cause visual problems and dysfunction of the pituitary gland.

However, her age and body systems would not have tolerated a traditional open or micro surgery procedure. Dr. Hardik Rajyaguru and his team IQ City Medical College Hospital thus preferred a minimally invasive procedure in her case and the tumour was successfully removed through the nose, using an endoscope and following Neuronavigation guidelines. The efforts of our brilliant neurosurgery team helped her recuperate without any neuro deficit. She has completely recovered and been discharged, happy and satisfied.