A 79-year-old female was recently admitted to IQ City Medical College Hospital, Durgapur, with severe chest pain, fever and cough. She also had high BP, sugar, obesity, hypothyroidism and constipation.
After admitting her to the isolation ward, her condition was thoroughly investigated and nasal swabs sent for COVID-19 RT PCR test to nearest facility. The patient underwent a complete medical check-up by a team of senior consultants across specialities, considering her age and other pre-existing ailments. Various tests for other existing co-morbidities were also performed.
She was diagnosed with pneumonia, consistent with COVID-19 infection. Treatment for COVID-19 pneumonia began immediately under Government and ICMR guidelines. She was given high pressure oxygen throughout her treatment. The best care possible care was given to her, overseen by our team of reputable doctors and efficient nurses. A nutritious diet helped build her immunity because, generally, our body’s immune system lessens as we grow older and it gets harder to fight diseases.
Our very own consultant pulmonologist Dr. Somnath Das of IQ City Medical College Hospital and his respiratory team oversaw the patient’s treatment. Her age and other comorbidities were an obstacle for her treatment but her condition kept improving and she responded well to treatment and other supportive care. After 10 days of treatment, a nasal swab sample came back negative for COVID. She was discharged, fully recovered, much to the relief of a grateful family. Two weeks later, after a follow-up in the OPD, she was declared absolutely fit, and was full of renewed confidence.