IQ City Medical College Hospital has made a profound commitment to the well-being of school students, recognizing the pivotal role they play in shaping the future. This pledge entails a multifaceted approach aimed at providing comprehensive care and support to nurture healthier generations.

At the heart of this initiative lies a dedication to addressing not just physical health but also mental, emotional, and social well-being. The hospital aims to create a nurturing environment where students feel supported and empowered to thrive.

To achieve this goal, IQ City Medical College Hospital will implement a range of programs and services tailored to the specific needs of school students. This includes regular health check-ups to monitor their physical health and identify any potential issues early on. Additionally, there will be a focus on mental health support, with counselling services available to address any emotional or psychological challenges students may face.

Beyond clinical care, the hospital will collaborate with schools to promote healthy lifestyles and positive behaviour among students. This might involve educational workshops on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and substance abuse prevention.

Moreover, the hospital will work closely with educators and parents to create a supportive network around students, ensuring that they receive the holistic care they need to thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Through this pledge, IQ City Medical College Hospital aims to contribute to the creation of a brighter tomorrow by fostering the health and well-being of today’s school students. By prioritizing their needs and providing them with the necessary support, the hospital endeavors to lay the foundation for a healthier and more resilient future generation.