Dr. Imon Paul

Professor & HOD, Dept. of Psychiatry

Doctor, I feel very anxious regarding the current COVID situation andsometimes I have palpitations when I’m stressed, my sleep is also disturbed. How can I deal with this?

It is normal to feel anxious as the situation is unprecedented and very taxing. Try to limit the amount of information you receive and stick to essentials from known and trusted sources. Avoid news which is sensational in nature and check verified Government or health related websites. This will help you in practical aspects. Fix regular sleep and eating patterns. If you are unable to go to work or are staying at home due to Covid illness, you can try some relaxation exercises like breathing/yoga.There are some good videos to watch. Take care of your physical health;simple exercises like brisk walking (with the required precautions/social distancing) help. Stay connected with family and friends and get support from them but do not discuss Covid excessively apart from relevant points/news. If you are using medicine for blood pressure, sugar etc., then you should continue to take them and get a check-up to see if they are controlled.

If the anxiety, palpitations or sleep disturbances persist, or if this is inherited, then you should consult a counsellor or psychiatrist. Your suffering might be a part of an anxiety disorder and there is nothing to feel ashamed of in doing so to get valuable advice from them.